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Late September 2012: Added four new galleries:
  • Western Wanderings 8
  • Western Wanderings 9
  • Around Brisbane 2
  • Around Brisbane 3
Updated the articles page

Early September 2012: Added six new galleries:
  • 'Landers
  • Cattle trains
  • Museum station
  • Quirky Rail 1
  • Quirky Rail 2
  • Quirky Rail 3
February 2011:

Updated the Articles page
Added Uniform Gauge 4 and Western Wandering 5 to the galleries – the first using Lightroom

September 2011:

Added Western Wandering 6 and 7 to the galleries

June 2009:

Finally got all the galleries on the one host!
Updated the Q and A section
Changed the front page
Slight refresh of the overall look
Added a new page with articles I've written for Railway Digest
Updated the links page
added Western Wanderings 4 to the galleries

20 May 2007: Added two new galleries:

  • Uniform Gauge 3
  • She'll be Apples

20 May 2007: Added two new galleries:

  • Signs of the Times
  • Western Wanderings 2

8 February 2007: Added two new galleries:

  • Uniform Gauge 2
  • Western Wanderings 1

11 September 2006: Added two new galleries:

  • Sunset - Sunrise
  • Night Moves

30 November 2005: A general tune-up, bringing up to date some of my Q and A page and finally (yes, finally!) updating the links page - correcting broken links and adding a few recent discoveries.

22 April 2005: Added one new gallery, showing the photography of me and Malcolm Jenkins in response to the 2004 Motive Power Competition.

Still have not got round to checking that links page!

16 June 2004: Finally, I managed to complete the first galleries by Melanie Dennis. Added seven galleries:

  • Last TGR Steam West of Devonport
  • Tales of the Mongrel Mogul
  • Moody Motive Power
  • Tasmanian Diesel Assortment
  • Lachlan Valley Railway Cameos
  • Scenes from the ARHS
  • Western Weekend

Still need to review the links page, and add some sites I've found recently.

27 February 2003: Added three more galleries featuring the work of Malcolm Jenkins:

  • 59s on Parade
  • Steamy Nocturne
  • Short North

Tracked down sites gone AWOL and updated their links.

23 April 2002: First of my guest galleries added featuring the work of Malcolm Jenkins:

  • Lonesome Whistles
  • The Big Wheel
  • Smoke on the Water

Also added Mixed Train Monthly, a new gallery of my own work.

Some changes to the links page have also been made, including removing dead links, and correcting a couple of other errors, not to mention adding a bit of order to them.

10 January 2002: Minor update, fixing broken links and correcting a couple of other errors. Some new links added as well.

15 October 2001: Two new galleries added:

  • On Shed in Queensland 
  • On Shed at Yeerongpilly

27 March 2001: Two new galleries added:

  • Along NSW Lines
  • Around Brisbane

25 February 2001: Links page re-organised and new links added. Minor errors corrected. Two new galleries added:

  • Along Queensland Lines - 1
  • Along Queensland Lines - 2

21 January 2001: Brindabella RailGrafx is finally launched! Inaugural galleries included:

  • Along Tasmanian Lines
  • On Shed in Tasmania
  • Emu Bay Railway
  • Uniform Gauge Line
  • Tarago Ore Train
  • Bungendore
  • Murray Bridge
  • Fog and Rain
  • Black Diamonds
  • Vapour Trails
  • Workin' on the Railway