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nnn The south western line has not been well treated by time or the elements. For me, ir was a key part of what I had come to call Quirky Rail, that collection of services run by QR that set it apart from other rail operators. With the steady rationalisation of Quirky Rail's character, its existence more and more relied on grain and cotton. And with drought a seemingly permanent feature of the landscape through much of the 2000s few trains ran at all. But...at the south western line's very extremity, a twice weekly train continued to run, serving the town of Dirranbandi and its modest population of around 600 people. With so few trains motivation to visit the line was low but, with time running out for the Dirranbandi service, I eventually got out there in mid 2007 to observe the train one last time. This gallery is organised chronologically over the three days I used to chase the train.

Many of the following images, and those in South by South West 2, appeared in my Railway Digest article which can be downloaded from here.