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Line - 3

nnn Uniform Gauge Line -2 had some images from the late 90s to around 2006. Given the variety of motive power on the Queensland Rail National trains in and out of Brisbane, not surprisingly those trains tended to dominate my photographic activity. Still, the advent of CLP and CLF bulldog units had missed me completely. Now people who have read other galleries on my site will know I have some affection for ALCOs, but the bulldogs are an exception because of the uniqueness. All I had to do was actually find one! So in some respects this gallery could be considered as a "Waiting for Bulldogs" as much as anything else.

Meanwhile, Pacific National was starting to dish up some variety on its trains, in addition to the meat and potatoes of the NR class found on almost all trains. So the odd train would turn up ANs, BLs and DLs, so they were worth looking out for too.

Given my low output over the last few years, this gallery is also unusual in having images from a two month period, from December 2006 to January 2007 actually uploaded in early 2007. Imagine that - images from the same part of the year they were taken!