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Line - 2

nnn The previous Uniform Gauge Line gallery finished in the mid 90s, after which I had quite a lengthy hiatus following the arrival of our first child, and then our second and then our third. As is the way of such things, as they have got older I have started to find a bit of spare time to pursue photography, and my old stamping ground south around the border was an obvious location.

Quite a bit has changed, with National Rail having been privatised and re-emerging as Pacific National. Intriguingly in this era of open-access, Queensland Rail has emerged as a possible competitive force on the line too. Whether it is successful or not remains to be seen, but its more or less daily return Brisbane - Melbourne working has become a favourite among photographers, providing as it does some much needed motive power variety.

I also have benefited from the emergence of friend Malcolm Jenkins, who has been keen to get back into rail photography after an even longer break and we have enjoyed a number of very early starts in pursuit of photography.

This gallery shows a few odds and ends from the late 90s, and then quite a bit more from around 2004.