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Tasmania is my home state so it's inevitable that my early images are from there. Photography started while I was at high school, but became more serious while I was at University. Lack of a car hindered the area I could cover, but that changed after graduation. Rail photography was a beacon of enjoyment during a lengthy stint of unemployment, and I was then fortunate my first job entailed a fair bit of travel, which of course suited me if there were trains near by!

I left Tasmania in early 1987, although there have been a number of return visits. The photos here show the mid-Tasrail period, which neatly covers the end of vacuum braked trains and the brief reign of ALCOs. My most recent trip was in 2002, although there was no chance for photography alas. Even so, I did see a few workings. After being used to the four-stroke chant of both EEs and ALCOs the sight and sound of two-stroke GMs somehow just did not seem right.