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On Shed inTasmania

Much of my early photography was taken in and around the environs of locomotive sheds and stations generally. The reasons aren't hard to find: without a car, and for that matter without a license to drive, reliance on buses provided a real limit to where I could pursue photography. But photography in and around sheds provided some great advantages as well. A casual afternoon of walking could produce some very nice images, with the time to consider composition, and the opportunity to take several slightly different shots of the same subject. And of course, it was an opportunity to photograph people as well.

Now of course things are quite different. The relentless tide of change has swept aside much of the physical fabric of loco facilities, reducing the chance to take photos such as these. Fewer people are involved in the whole organisation, and, in some places at least, the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of these places has been replaced with a concern about vandalism and graffiti.

All in all then, I'm glad I got these shots when I did.