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On Shed in Queensland

In On Shed in Tasmania, I described how station environs were a natural for someone who at the time did not own a car. By the time I moved to Queensland, the rationale might have changed, but the attraction remained much the same. Most "road trips" chasing trains out on the line would inevitably have a spell allowing the local engine facilities to be inspected.

At the time these photos were taken, access was reasonably good, with the possible exception of Mayne, which as Brisbane's major loco depot until the late 1990s is perhaps not surprising. Things are not quite so inviting today, with a huge increase in security and general suspicion of people who are not obviously part of the railways.

Even so, the natural magnetism created by loco sheds remain, and while opportunities for railway photography at the moment are rather more limited than in the past, it's a sure bet this style of photography will see further additions in coming years.