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On Shed at Yeerongpilly

Yeerongpilly was the Brisbane locomotive depot serving the northern extremity of the standard gauge line from Sydney. It used to be a photographic "hot spot" for a number of reasons. Firstly, access was terrific - a quick word with whoever was in charge and the place was pretty much yours. Being close to home meant it could be checked out quickly. It was a place to which the term new investment did not apply - there was certainly little evidence for it! And of course it provided a great opportunity for getting close to the big machines.

By the time I was visiting it in the early 90s, the loco fleet here was in a sad condition. Faded, unbelievably dirty and damaged paint schemes were a sure sign the fleet of ALCOs assigned to the Brisbane traffic were not highly regarded. And even the effort in repainting the locos in the new blue livery seemed a half-hearted job, with the paint quickly peeling and fading. The introduction of the GMs to the northern line certainly introduced cleanliness, but that was cold comfort to me, a dedicated ALCO fan.

Now the place is closed, and all loco activity has moved to the modern facilities at Acacia Ridge, waiting for further photographic explorations, albeit behind considerable security.