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Power Competition

In mid-2004, Motive Power magazine announced a competition for the best creative railway photograph taken on the weekend of 23 and 24 October 2004. Photographers were invited to submit their ten best shots from the 48 hour period. The Motive Power team would select what they regarded as the best ten photos which would then be published, without names or any other reference, in the December issue. Readers were then asked to vote for what they regarded as the best photo, and the photo with the most votes would be declared the ultimate winner.

To some extent the announcement was surprising, given that while I regard MP as a very competent and high quality magazine, its photographic coverage is in the main very conventional. For someone like me however, the announcement was very welcome, and it was not long after reading about it that I was on the phone to my friend Malcolm Jenkins to see if he might be coaxed out of photographic retirement and wanted to come along. He didn't take too much encouragement before saying yes and so we exchanged a few e-mails with ideas for photographs.

For anyone who wants to read about the pre-planning and how things actually went on the weekend for Malcolm and me, you can click here.

The following gallery shows some of the shots we took on the Saturday and Sunday. While neither of us were ultimately successful, we both found the competition to be very motivating and hopefully it will become an annual event. I did however get two of my shots into the final ten. Malcolm chose not to enter any of his views, which as you will see was Malcolm being unduly over-critical of his own work.

Thank you Motive Power! Malcolm and I would also like to thank Colin Obee and his team at Pacific National's Acacia Ridge terminal for permitting access to the area, and especially Brett Thomas for being a very patient and generous host. Without them many of the photos in this gallery would not have been possible. 

And of course congratulations to the eventual winners: Bernie Baker, Scott Jesser, Darrell Gainey and Chris Walters.