By a very tortuous and roundabout route, I found myself preparing a couple of articles for a major US rail magazine. They were both finalised ready for printing when disaster! - the editor was replaced. The new team showed no interest in either of the articles but after getting in touch with Chris Walters at Railway Digest, he happily took one of them with a bit of "de-yankifying" for a more knowledgeable local audience. The first article continues to languish on my PC here at home.

After that experience I discovered I really enjoyed article writing and several have since followed, with several more kicking around in my head and which may eventually see the light of day.

In the meantime Chris has kindly agreed to let me make available the articles here after a suitable period has elapsed after publication in Railway Digest. Thanks Chris! - and thanks for encouraging me to keep writing, for better or worse.



All Change on the North Coast is my look at changes on the line between Brisbane and Casino, especially in the early 90s. Railway Digest, November 2007. Click here for the PDF.
Ringing in the Changes describes the transition from electric staff working to CTC signalling between Greenbank and Glenapp on the north coast line. Railway Digest, August 2008. Click here for the PDF.
Dirranbandi Dreaming takes an affectionate look at one of the last of the little freight trains that Queensland Rail still runs in western Queensland - but for how much longer? Railway Digest, April 2009. Click here for the PDF.
A Tale of Two Signs compares the normally severe attitude taken by QR signage with the relatively benign attitude taken at the popular tourist destination of the station at Spring Bluff. Railway Digest, June 2009. Click here for the PDF.
Photographing Locomotives, the Frank Hurley Way considers a relatively unknown aspect of the work of the pioneer Australian photographer and describes his rather bizarre approach to the subject. October 2009. Click here for the PDF.
To Grandchester and Beyond is an account of a very enjoyable, if rather cold and windy, day west of Grandchester. Railway Digest, October 2009. Click here for the PDF.
Running Out of Time Under a Big Queensland Sky is another look at the ever-diminishing remnants of Quirky Rail – this time the trains to Quilpie and Cunnamulla. Railway Digest, February 2011. Click here for the PDF.
Charleville, Quilpie and Cattle describes a trip to south western Queensland in search of 840 head of cattle and their train, now almost the only remnant of Quirky Rail. Railway Digest, January 2012. Click here for the PDF.
Keeping the trains moving – Queensland’s Direct Traffic Control is a behind-the-scenes look at QR's innovative Direct Traffic Control system, used to keep trains moving where more expensive systems can't be justified.  Railway Digest, August 2012. Click here for the PDF.