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Railway photography has been my great love for many years, and Brindabella Railgrafx is an opportunity for me to share the results with you. I've presented here several series of photos arranged around a particular theme, and I will periodically add to them. Brindabella Railgrafx will also present guest galleries as the opportunity arises.

This page is the starting point for all the galleries on this site. To enter a gallery, simply click on the link from the list below which will take you to the gallery thumbnails. You can then either choose a photo from the thumbnails or click on the Next arrow. Then use the Back and Next arrows to navigate your way through the gallery. The Galleries button will bring you back here while the Home button will send you to the home page.

All images and photographs are copyright of Alan Shaw and the photographers in each individual gallery. Downloads for personal use are OK, but permission is required for any other use.  The images presented here are intended only for screen viewing which is reflected in their resolution and file size. Requests for publication are welcome.

The Contributors:

Alan Shaw
Malcolm Jenkins
Melanie Dennis

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Galleries by Alan Shaw:

Note: Galleries added in 2011 and later were produced in Lightroom and will look very different from the older "handcrafted" galleries added in 2009 and before.

Galleries added in 2012:
Western Wanderings 8 Photos west of Ipswich and Toowoomba taken in 2006 and 2010. 12 photos.
Western Wanderings 9 Photos west of Ipswich and Toowoomba taken in 2010 and 2011. 12 photos.
Around Brisbane 2: Trains around the Brisbane suburbs between late 1989 and 1993, mostly freight but a couple of the now long-defunct loco-hauled sets. 12 photos.
Around Brisbane 3: Trains around the Brisbane suburbs between late 1998 and 2010. 12 photos.
'Landers A random selection of views of mostly the Westlander, plus a couple of others, from the early 90s to 2011. 16 photos.
Cattle trains A selection of views of Queensland's cattle trains. 10 photos.
Museum station The results of an hour at Sydney's Museum station. 8 photos.
Quirky Rail 1 Chasing the remnants of the uniquely Queensland trains to nowhere in particular, this gallery to Quilpie. 12 photos.
Quirky Rail 2 Another gallery of Quirky Rail, this time from a trip to Cunnamulla. 16 photos.
Quirky Rail 3 This time a cattle train on the Quilpie line. 12 photos.

Galleries added in 2011:
Western Wanderings 5 Photos taken between Grandchester and Malu from late 2008 and 2009. 16 photos.
Western Wanderings 6 Photos between Grandchester and Oakey taken in 2010. 12 photos.
Western Wanderings 7 Photos between Forest Hill and Oakey taken in 2010. 12 photos.
Uniform Gauge 4 Another batch of images from the standard gauge south of Brisbane, taken between 2007 and 2010. 14 photos.

Note: Galleries added in 2009 and before were lovingly handcrafted in AOLPress and will look very different from the newer galleries added in 2011 and later.

Galleries added in 2009:
West by South West 2 More images on the south west line, in pursuit of the now-gone "Quirky Rail" train to Dirranbandi. 12 photos.
West by South West 1 Some images of a 2007 trip to Goondiwindi and beyond, in search of "Quirky Rail". 12 photos.
Western Wanderings 4 Another batch of photos from points west of Ipswich from 2007 and 2008. 12 photos.

Galleries added in 2008:
Ipswich Railway Workshops A gallery of views taken at the Ipswich Railway Workshops. 10 photos.
Western Wanderings 3 Another batch of photos from points west of Ipswich from 2006. 12 photos.

Galleries added in 2007:
Uniform Gauge 3 Another batch of images from the standard gauge south of Brisbane. 12 photos.
She'll be Apples A look at the apple trains of Queensland's Granite Belt, including the last train ever. 20 photos.
Signs of the Times
 A batch of photos that incorporate signs of one sort or another into the image. 14 photos.
Western Wanderings 2
 More photos from points west of Ipswich from 2006. 12 photos.
Uniform Gauge Line 2  More standard gauge line action between Brisbane and Casino from 1999.
12 photos.
Western Wanderings 1  Points west of Ipswich from 2006. 12 photos.

Galleries added in 2006:
Sunrise - Sunset  A selection of railway images against some of nature's finest lighting displays. 12 photos.
Night Moves
 Streaks of light across the frame. 10 photos.

Older Galleries:
Motive Power Competition 2004 The results of being challenged to be creative, as part of the Motive Power Competition 2004 - by Alan Shaw and Malcolm Jenkins. 21 photos.
Along Tasmanian Lines A selection of scenes from around Tasmania in the mid 1980s. 25 photos.
On Shed in Tasmania  A selection of shed scenes, mostly around Hobart. 12 photos.
Emu Bay Railway  Some photos of the Emu Bay Railway in the mid 1980s. 10 photos.
Uniform Gauge Line  The standard gauge line between Brisbane and Casino.
15 photos.
Along Queensland Lines -1 Some scenes of the railways west of Brisbane. 21 photos.
Along Queensland Lines -2 Some more scenes from Queensland Rail, taking in Brisbane and points north. 17 Photos.
On Shed in Queensland A selection of shed scenes. 9 photos.
On Shed at Yeerongpilly A selection of shed scenes at the northern extremity of the standard gauge. 8 photos.
Around Brisbane: Suburban trains in Brisbane, mostly the now defunct loco-hauled sets. 8 photos.
Along NSW Lines: A few scenes from New South Wales, mostly in the southern part of the state. 11 photos.
Tarago Ore Train  A look at the Tarago ore train which operated until the early 1990s. 4 photos.
Bungendore  A few photos around this small picturesque station. 4 photos.
Murray Bridge  A brief look at railway activity in this river town. 5 photos.
Fog and Rain  A selection of photos taken in inclement weather.
10 photos.
Black Diamonds
 A look at coal trains, mostly in Queensland but some in Tasmania. 15 photos.
Vapour Trails
 A selection of steam locomotives from Tasmania, NSW and Queensland. 14 photos.
Workin' on the Railway  Photos of workers who run the trains. 9 photos.
Mixed Train Monthly: (Temporarily unavailable) A miscellaneous collection, where trains aren't the subject. 9 photos.

Galleries by Malcolm Jenkins:

I first met Malcolm because of our shared interest in modelling Australian railways in N scale. It wasn't long before I discovered he had a passion for photography as well, and was soon enticing me with descriptions of some of his slides dating from the late 1960s. So it wasn't long before the odd slide show was being organised, with a plentiful supply of red wine to mellow the tone of the evening. After some slight persuading, I then borrowed parts of his collections and scanned them - with the results appearing here. Hopefully I'll be able to add to these galleries in time.

Lonesome Whistles: A selection of evocative scenes of steam trains deep in their environment. 7 photos.
The Big Wheel:  A slightly broad interpretation of the term, but in any case it's still steam at the head of passenger trains.
10 photos.
Smoke on the Water:
 Some photos of the difficult to beat combination of trains on bridges. 7 photos.
59s on Parade
: A gallery of the imported US designed war locomotive. 11 photos.
Steamy Nocturne:  Three views of steam locos at rest under the stars.
3 photos.
Short North:
 A small gallery of trains around Newcastle. 4 photos.

Galleries by Melanie Dennis:

Melanie and I first met at University in Tasmania where our shared interests were very different from trains. It was not until almost the end of my studies that I became aware that, possibly as a result of being part of a traditional railway family, Melanie also had a passion for both photography and railways. I was fortunate enough to browse through her collection of railway and non-railway images and quickly realised that here was someone else who thought beyond the traditional three quarter view.

Our paths separated for a few years until we independently found ourselves in Canberra, where Melanie still lives. I'd been pestering her for quite some time to get some of her images onto this site, when a rather large parcel of slides arrived. Several weeks of scanning later I had the basis for the images shown below, although to my embarrassment it has taken a further couple of years to get them on Railgrafx.

Delays notwithstanding, I'm hoping to be able to bring more of Melanie's work to these pages this year, in particular some of her splendid black and white work.

These galleries firstly show some of her Tasmanian images, while later ones show her representations of activity on the Australian mainland.

Last TGR Steam West of Devonport: Scenes of a special train west of Devonport. 5 photos.
Tales of the Mongrel Mogul: Scenes of CCS 23 strutting its stuff. 3 photos.
Moody Motive Power: Some evocative images of steam and diesel. 5 photos.
Tasmanian Diesel Assortment: A collection of Tasmanian diesels, captured on film in the 1970s. 5 photos.
Lachlan Valley Railway Cameos: A small selection of scenes of this active society. 4 photos.
Scenes from the ARHS: A selection of images of tours run by the ACT Division of the Australian Railway Historical Society. 7 photos.
Western Weekend: Scenes from the ARHS 1986 tour of western branchlines. 10 photos.

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