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A bird's eye view from high above the railway activity brings into focus an Emu Bay Railway ore train, cautiously winding its way down the long 1 in 32 grades into Burnie. Five Walkers-built '11' class are in control. The point where road intersects rail is the site of two of EBR's spectacular derailments where ore trains have come to grief after losing braking power. The first was in 1950 was headed by Beyer, Peacock Garratt No.12 - the loco was recovered, repaired and returned to service. The second, in February 1962, was headed by ASG No.20 (ex-G25). The loco was scrapped where it lay and replaced by another (G12) bought from the TGR and renumbered 20A. Brooklyn Road used to cross the tracks under the third ore wagon: however, after the two accidents, spilt ore concentrates poisoned the ground and nothing would grow. The road was eventually re-aligned to cover the bald patch!