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Tales of the
Mongrel Mogul

TGR's most prolific steam design was the Beyer, Peacock colonial Mogul which became the 'C' class. Construction of the 28 examples spanned the period 1885 - 1908. To improve their capacity and operation, ten locos were rebuilt: six 'CC' with enlarged Belpaire boilers (1912-16) and four (CCS) with a superheated Belpaire boiler, new cylinders and outside Walschaerts valve gear (1924-28).

The last 'CCS' in TGR service was CCS23 - it was also the first ex-TGR loco to steam in preservation. The loco was never withdrawn: it slipped into preservation by being associated with Don River Railway's early efforts to set up their own railway. A few scenes from the Mongrel Mogul's latter day escapades…