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Scenes from
the ARHS

The ACT Division of the ARHS have operated trains of their own equipment out of Canberra since the late 1970s. Traditionally, the busiest times are around Christmas / New Year and over Easter. Ex-NSWR 30T class locos have been the backbone of the loco roster, particularly since the AD60 garratt was laid up in 1981. The first three images show a variety of workings.

In conjunction with the Goulburn Branch of the Railways Institute, RTM ran a series of fund-raising shuttles for the Institute over the weekend 23 and 24 August 1986, using tank loco 3137. Meanwhile, on the Saturday, 5910 had continued on to Canberra . On Sunday morning, the ARHS ACT Division added their own cars and 3102T ("Mouse") to the RTM train for a day run to Goulburn and return. The weather was cold and wet as shown by the last four images in this gallery. 3102T was retired shortly afterwards and has never steamed since.